Jonathan Chia, CFO of Melcor Developments Melcor Developments Ltd and Melcor REIT are both publicly traded real estate companies based in Alberta with a long and rich history of property development and long-term ownership. The team at MillarForan has successfully represented Melcor's construction and term financing needs for many years.
We enjoy a collaborative and consultative relationship with MillarForan. Their knowledge and expertise in the debt market is our competitive advantage as we grow both companies. We feel confident delegating and holding them accountable for the process of entering the mortgage market, advocating and documenting our needs correctly, and then efficiently managing the mortgage close. MillarForan consistently sources competitively priced financing from existing and new lending relationships, which optimizes our return on investment and provides greater lender exposure to our portfolio.
Equally important, MillarForan provides transparency and objectivity to its service proposition which enhances our decision making and affords a higher degree of corporate governance for our Board members and stakeholders.