Kris began his career in commercial mortgages in 2002 by focusing on the information gathering stage of the MillarForan process, and the required attention to detail it entails. He then perfected the reporting and digital processes necessary to create a market leading investment offering that has been recognized by the lending community for its accuracy and thoroughness.
Kris has the responsibility to ensure that each loan is exposed to the entire supply side of the mortgage market. This enables the customer to make an informed decision with the help of full and transparent market knowledge in written form. The disclosure which he perfected has been recognized by numerous borrowing customers as unique in the industry. Kris' effectiveness as a lender negotiator has been refined over the years to the point where he was successfully negotiating more than $300 million annually of mortgage commitment letters that consistently met the needs of our borrowing customers. As Kris further advanced his negotiation skills and increasingly played a senior role developing deeper lender relationships, his contributions were recognized by MillarForan in the form of partner in 2010.
Kris has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Saskatchewan and has completed the diploma program in the urban land economics offered by UBC.